Write a word problem or context that models the following equations. Try to make your real-life.Β½ x + 6 = 81(2t + 5) - t = 262(L) + 3(4L) = 990.50

Accepted Solution

Answer:First question :The number of boys in a school is 6 more than 1/2 times of number of girls, if the number of boys is 81 then how many girls are there ?Solution : Let x be the number of girls,As per the above statement,[tex]\frac{1}{2}x+6=81[/tex]Second question :Two pipes filled two tanks of same size, if the difference in time taken by both pipes is 26 minute, if one takes 5 more than 2 times of the time taken by other, what is the time taken by smaller pipe,Solution : If t be the time taken ( in minutes ) by smaller pipe,So, the time taken by larger pipe = 2t + 5As per the above statement,[tex](2t+5)-t=26[/tex]Third question :The length of a pole is 4 times of the other pole if the sum of 2 times of small pole and 3 times of larger pole is equal to 990.50 inches what is the length of smaller pole,Solution : If L be the length of smaller pole,So, the length of larger pole = 4L,As per the above statement,2(L) + 3(4L) = 990.50